Details of costs

Here are details for the cost of coming on the course and also for the accommodation that we can provide.

Please note:

  • Everyone pays the course fee but you can choose whether to take our accommodation or to find your own.
  • Spouses / partners / children / friends who do not play in the orchestra are exempt from the course fee.
  • All prices given are per person.
  • It is possible to pay in instalments and/or to pay the course fee and accommodation fees separately. You could, for example, pay the course fee in Autumn 2019 and then pay the accommodation in instalments in Spring 2020. Please enquire.
  • For those who have been before please note that you no longer pay Massimo Borgese for your accommodation.
  • If there are fluctuations in the Sterling to Euro exchange rate the amounts quoted here may go up or down.

Course Fee

  • Course fee = £240
  • A discount of £20 is available if you pay before the end of 2019, bring a friend, are a previous participant or are a full-time student.
  • A discount of £50 is available for a 3rd (or subsequent) family member when all play in the orchestra (the £20 discount mentioned above is available on top of this). 

Accommodation (B&B)

  • Shared accommodation = £225 (per person)
  • Single accommodation = £390

Course fee & accommodation

  • Shared accommodation + course fee = £465 (per person)
  • Single accommodation + course fee = £630

In addition you will need to pay the local tourist tax of €1 per person per night in cash at the end of the week.
The above figures are for six nights of accommodation (Monday to Saturday). If you want to book extra nights  the cost will be £38 per night (shared), £65 (single). 

Refund Policy

[Updated: 27/03/2020 and 08/04/2020]

This refund policy covers two eventualities: 1. We cancel. 2. You cancel.

  1. We cancel 
    1. Accommodation
      If we were to cancel the course, for any reason, any payment you have made for accommodation through us would be refunded.
    2. Course fee
      You would have three options:

      1. Request a full refund
      2. Request a partial refund and donate the remainder to Sicily Music Holiday
      3. Donate the full course fee to Sicily Music holiday

        If you were able to do b. or c. we would be immensely grateful as you would be helping to secure the long term future of the course.  But there is absolutely no need to do this – it is your money and you are entitled to a full refund.

  2. You cancel
    1. Accommodation
      If you have paid for accommodation through us you may cancel it up to 2 months in advance of the start date of the course, for any reason. You would receive a full refund of payment made for said accommodation.
    2. Course fee
      1. If you need to cancel your attendance on the course for health reasons you would be refunded, upon presentation of a doctor’s note, 50% of the course fee you have already paid.
      2. If, in the light of Covid-19, you are suffering financial problems you can, should you wish, cancel your attendance on the course and apply for a 50% refund of the course fee that you have already paid. This can be done up to 3 months in advance of the course start date.

Please note:

  1. It is not possible to roll your fee over to next year (or any subsequent year) for any reason.  
  2. If we were to cancel the course and you wished to apply to come next year you would be offered a 15% discount.
  3. The course fee is not transferable for any reason
  4. This Refund Policy will be reviewed regularly, particularly in light of the Covid-19 crisis. You will be notified of any updates.
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